Operating Principles

Doron strictly adheres to six operating principles that defines its relationship with all its stakeholders to build trust and a long-term track record. These principles have been developed to secure investments, define expectations and enhance returns.

1. Principal Resilience

The protection of principal is the primary and overarching objective of all Doron investments.

2. Underlying Economics

Doron invests in businesses with great underlying economics or a business whose economics can be materially improved.

3. Direct Management

Doron takes the CEO role in each company to ensure the allocation of capital, access to accurate information, and the exit strategy. Management is left to run the company.

4. Transparency

Doron ensures clear flow of candid information and feedback to all stakeholders. Because of its unique structure, managers and investors are aligned and well informed.

5. Exit Strategy

All investments must have a clear exit strategy and/or an interim exit to extract principal.

6. Business Development

Doron takes an active role in helping its portfolio businesses grow their market share and develop an internal culture of success.

Growing Your Business Together

Doron provides it portfolio companies with comprehensive support from capital formation to creating a highly innovative culture. Doron works with the management team to improve every area of the business. This includes:

New Products Launch

Establishing a New Division

Corporate Restructuring

Development of New Strategic Partners

Establishing International Distribution

Identifying Strategic Acquisition Targets

Acquisitions of New Subsidiaries

Management Team Development

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