Capital Formation

Creating the Right Capital Structure for Our Portfolio Businesses.

Many businesses fail because they do not have the right capital structure. The right structure with the right people attracts the right capital. Many business owners are so busy working in the business they do not have the time to work on it. Doron helps its portfolio companies develop the right capital structure for each business so that they know the amount of capital they need at each stage of the business cycle.

Fixing the 90%.

Doron believes every firm can be viewed as:

  • 10% product or service
  • 40% management team
  • 50% capital structure

Capital structure and the right management are 90% of the factors for success. Most entrepreneurs concentrate on the 10% component.

Good Managers Cannot Fix Bad Businesses.

The underlying economics of a business is crucial since good managers cannot fix bad businesses. With the right capital structure and competent management, good companies can provide a great return to their shareholders.

Doron's Capital Network.

Doron ensures that its portfolio companies have access to the necessary growth capital. Doron has other Hedge Funds, Family Offices and Private Equity groups that like to participate in Doron investments. Doron brings the right partners for each of its companies. The best partners bring more than money! Doron will often bring in the partners which may also be part of the exit strategy.

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