Acuity is the framework that brings together the best management practices from around the world in one single system. It consists of 4 intelligences:

Leadership Intelligence (LQ).

Leadership Intelligence (LQ) measures how well you can manage your drive, your ability to cast vision, your humility and your ability to inspire others. In short, your ability to manage yourself and your passions.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Refers to your ability to be caring, empathetic and the ability to work in a team with appropriate people skills. In short, your ability to manage your interaction with other people.

Rational Intelligence (IQ).

Refers to your creativity and thinking capability to rationally conceive, question and evaluate ideas. This is broader than IQ and deals with some of the management skills that help us manage ideas and solutions.

Financial Intelligence (FQ).

Is your ability to understand the underlying economics of a project or venture and your ability to alter the parameters for it to make economic sense or make necessary changes to produce a greater return on investment capital. In short, your ability to manage money

Management Classic!

If you are a manager, this is an important book and here is why you should read it…

Dr. van Zyl has clearly taken a successful career spanning a lifetime and synthesized his own unique thoughts and insights with the best ideas on management. This compelling compilation of ideas is a powerful framework for managing with excellence.

Few have been able to put all the pieces of the management puzzle together into a coherent thesis that explains the real underlying dynamics that make managers effective. Dr. van Zyl has done just that.

This is essential reading for all managers who want to understand what management truly is and why.

Read this book and enjoy it, and then let Dr. van Zyl’s ideas that underlie all great management soak in deeply. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself referring to this book often to stay on track, keeping the main thing the main thing, as you manage with renewed purpose.

Franklin B. Holleman, Ph.D.
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