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Dr. Dionne van Zyl

2001 Doron Capital, LLC was formed as a private equity investment firm.
2005 Doron Ventures, LLC was formed as a holding company for commodities-based assets.
2012 Doron Group, Inc. was established as a financial consulting and management services firm.

2014 Doron Holdings, LLC was formed to provide short-term capital to portfolio companies.

Doron Group Incorporated was formed as a financial consulting and management services firm.

There are several companies under the Doron brand. The group began in 2001 founded by Dr. Dionne van Zyl.

Dr. Van Zyl is the C.E.O of the Doron Group and has served as Chairman and CEO of seven different companies in technology, financial services and medical device industries. He led the development of groundbreaking technology in e-commerce, medical device industry - raising significant capital and developing new markets.

Dr. van Zyl has extensive international business experience in strategic planning, mergers, joint ventures, and international transactions in the United States, the British Isles, Europe and Africa. He has invested in a wide range of companies and real estate developments. Dr. Van Zyl has his Ph.D in management.He has developed a synthesis of the best management practices from around the world, into one complete management model. He identified 20 core competencies which forms the basis for the Doron team to develop leaders and managers.

Doron has several investment holdings in its current portfolio of investments. Doron is constantly seeking opportunities with good managers who run companies that have great underlying economics.

Core Competencies

Capital Formation
& Structure

Private Equity Investments



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