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At Doron We Offer

Equity Capital

Debt Capital for our portfolio companies

Strong Business Partner

Innovation in Management

Network of Portfolio Companies

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Acuity: The Book

Leadership Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Rational Intelligence

Financial Intelligence

Private Equity

Doron is seeking businesses with great underlying economics run by strong management teams.

Strong Business Partner

Doron has a successful track record of taking businesses to the next level.

Building a Stronger Business

Doron helps its portfolio companies improve the underlying economics of their business and drive shareholder value.

Doron Market Focus

Doron specializes in businesses focused in technology, financial services, real estate, food service, and media.

Capital Formation

Doron designs the best capital structure for its portfolio companies to secure each business and its future capital needs.

The Bottom Line

We offer Capital Formation, Private Equity, and Executive Management Coaching to take our portfolio businesses to the next level.

. . . a must read!

Acuity is the framework that brings together the best management practices form around the world in one single system. It consists of 4 intelligences - each has 5 competencies. A simple one page test with video makes this an extremely valuable management resource!

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‘Few have been able to put all the pieces of the management puzzle together into a coherent thesis that explains the real underlying dynamics that make managers effective. Dr. van Zyl has done just.’

~ Dr. Frank Holleman.

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